Q&A with Justin Fike

Join Ryan for another Q&A with this week’s featured fantasy author, Justin Fike. We talk writing habits, inspirations, and what we enjoys to do.

Shadows of the Past

Worldhoppers featured author Justin Fike shares his short story, Shadows of the Past, a prequel to A Thief In Farshore, Book 1 of The Farshore Chronicles.


Worldhoppers is proud to present an excerpt from Exile, Martin Owton’s debut novel. It is true high fantasy and is a great intro to Owton’s Nandor Tales.

The Girl from Fox Hollow

Featured author Martin Owton shares the original short story The Girl from Fox Hollow, a prequel to his first novel Exile: Book One of The Nandor Tales.

Q&A with Jamie Edmundson

Join Worldhoppers as we learn more about Jamie’s work routine, inspirations, and the business of self publishing. You’ll enjoy this Q&A!

Striking Out

Featured author Jamie Edmundson shares the original short story Striking Out, a prequel to his first novel Toric’s Dagger: Book One of The Weapon Takers Saga.

Q&A with Ken Harris

Join Worldhoppers for another Q&A session, this time with featured author Ken Harris. We talk about his passions, inspirations, and what’s next for Ken.