Ken Harris is a freelance writer, storyteller, and puppeteer.

He is a contributing writer for Point of View Community Magazine, along with entertaining readers with short stories and puppeteering. A large portion of Ken’s energies are focused on bringing his previous employment experiences in policing and corrections to help others with information to be proactive in safeguarding data. Together, he encourages each one of us to stay safe in the neverending challenge imposed by cyber attackers in our growing technological world.

Ken also prides himself as a horror, thriller, mystery, suspense and sci-fi author. His newest novella, Night Terror, is an exciting read. He is happy to share it with the Worldhopper audience.

Original Short Story

The Serpent’s Wrath

If you like suspenseful horror, dare to take a journey into the lives of three teenagers, who in one terrible night, face off with a demonic force so strong you’ll wonder how, or if, they will survive. It’ll serve as the reminder you’ll never need to stay away from a cursed graveyard.

Featured Novel

Night Terror

A new dawn in horror lurks among the unsuspecting!

Night Terror is about the rise of a man plagued with a terrifying condition as a sleepwalker killer.

In this hair raising horror packed with suspense, mystery, and shivers, Dr. Otis Foster invites patient Christopher Gray to his office to cure him of a sleep disorder.

What Otis really plan to do is use his unsuspecting patient to eliminate potential whistleblowers to his medical billing scheme.

Death and destruction materializes on a level unimaginable!

What will become of a gentle giant afflicted with a deadly curse?

Follow along on this mind bending thriller that leads to an ironic deadly confrontation!

Read “Night Terror” today!

*All of the amazing illustrations in Night Terror and its corresponding book trailer are courtesy of Kens’ brother, Aaron Harris.


Night Terror Inspired Artwork

Original Illustration by Aaron Harris 

Original Illustration by Aaron Harris 

Original Illustration by Aaron Harris 

Original Illustration by Aaron Harris 

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