Stories resonate in our souls; fully capable of bringing us to another place and time. It could be a battle for all elven kind set in a medieval landscape of another world, or it could be the story of the first expedition to another planet in a solar system far, far away.

With each shared story or piece of art we hop into another world, explore the mind and heart of another, and go on a journey that can change each of us forever.

We launched in 2019 with one mission: provide support for aspiring authors, hobby writers, and artists of all kind during their pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Just like the craftsman guilds of old, we strive to unite our contributors, providing each a platform to share their work, promote their brand, and support their peers.

Membership in a craftsman’s guild was an honor; it was the mark of a true, skilled craftsman. Most importantly, a guild took care of its members.

Welcome to the Worldhoppers’ Guild.

Guild Founder, Ryan D Meier (and his faithful companion, Harvey)

About Me

I’ve been an avid fantasy, sci-fi, and horror fan for as long as I can remember. Like many of you, I’ve those genres in nearly every medium whether it would be novels, short stories, movies, flash fiction.. you get the idea. Any time I get an opportunity to lose myself in another world I jump head first. Some of the greatest stories I’ve enjoyed have changed me. They’ve touched my soul and altered my perceptions.

I, like many of our members, am an aspiring writer with a passion for storytelling. I’d love for you to learn more about my work, follow the Worldhoppers’ Podcast (coming soon), and read my blog (coming soon). 

Learn more about me on the Founders’ page.

Visit my personal author website here.