Born and raised in Sussex on the south coast of England, S.L Briden is a freelance writer and business owner with deep interests in the Dark Ages history of the UK. Inspired by the age-old myths and legends of King Arthur, she loves creating historic fantasy tales full of adventure and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

For fun, S.L Briden loves travelling and can often be found up and down the UK, delving into the legends of the places she visits. She loves the forest trails of her country and the dramatic coastlines of Cornwall. 

When she was widowed in her 30’s, S.L Briden focused on writing ‘Shadows of a Phoenix’–an epic, historic fantasy series that she drafted with her late husband. She hopes to inspire other young widows not to give up on their dreams, whatever they may be.

UPDATE 11/11/19 – Make sure to check out Q&A with S.L. Briden!

From the Ashes

Book One of the Shadows Of A Phoenix Series

For David and Andrew, Knights of the Phoenix Order, it was a simple mission… escort a young woman to the safety of the Order’s fortified citadel, but in the midst of a simmering war, a chance discovery sends young David down a path he could never have imagined… 

Arread, their beautiful and haughty charge, bears the mark of a powerful sorceress, one whose mystic abilities make her the ultimate weapon in the coming war. David prefers to place his trust in cold steel rather than the fickle powers of the arcane but he soon finds himself drawn to the mysterious and tempestuous woman… 

When dark forces led by the cruel and sinister General Sicarus kidnap Arread, the young knight is torn between his oath to the Order and the yearning in his heart. As battle rages across the land, David and Arread discover they are both swept up in an ancient prophecy, from which there may be no escape. 

And soon they may be forced to sacrifice everything they hold dear, to stem the growing tide of darkness… 

High fantasy and Arthurian legend mix in this epic new series.

A Noble Knight. A Haughty Sorceress

A Dark Prophecy That Binds Them Together...

“Rescuing Maidens and Questing Knights Aren’t Fairytales When Your Clothes are Constantly Soaked in Blood…”

From the Ashes - Official Book Trailer

Coming Soon!

Wings of The Sword

Book Two of the Shadows of a Phoenix Series

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