Jason joins Worldhoppers Guild with an original short story, The Serpent’s Wrath. He also gives us a wonderful sneak peek into his novella, Night Terror.   

Support Ken by visiting his blog and following him on Facebook. As always, the best support we can provide to an indie author is jumping head first into their worlds. Night Terror is available through Amazon for .99 on ebook (read for free with Kindle Unlimited) or $5.38 in paperback.

Ryan: Ken, thanks for joining us, it’s been a great week so far. You shared the original short story The Serpent’s Wrath and an excerpt (the first three chapters) of your novella, Night Terror. They are both horror thrillers… talk to us about inspiration.

Ken: My inspiration for stories flourishes from a blend of previous nightmares as a child (yes, I still have them as an adult) and old school horror films featuring Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, and Lon Chaney’s Jr’s Wolfman. Also, passions for films like Fright Night, Aliens, and Night of the Living Dead serves as influence on my writing. It’s the characters in these stories that set the tone and I imagine such characters in my own stories in the most terrifying situation.

Ryan: I feel like I got to know you a little as we led up to your feature. Your creativity goes far beyond writing. You contribute to a community magazine, are a puppeteer, and maintain a blog about the importance of safeguarding data and informing people about cyber security. They are part of you and intertwine together. Do you find aspects of each in your work?

Ken: Yes, regardless of what we do in our lives, technology plays a pivotal role. As an author, I have a responsibility like everyone else to learn and keep myself well informed of how society is embracing it. 10 years ago, who would have imagined the sales of Amazon eBooks to have a profound effect? So, in my work I feel as I learn new things about technology, I should share it in the simplest ways for all readers to comprehend. I can also learn from my audience.

Ryan: I’m always curious to ask authors about their rituals. Do you write on a schedule? What habits do you have?

Ken: A self-published writer like myself should utilize a schedule in terms of marketing, research, connecting with an audience, and writing. I strive to embrace a routine for writing at least 2 hours and dedicating an hour each to the other disciplines. It’s not easy. I am a husband and father with a full-time job. So, sometimes I have to made adjustments when things come up. Generally, consistency is the key to unlocking the door to success. As long as I have a cup of coffee nearby, I keep moving.

Ryan: I’m looking forward to your next published work. What’s something you’re working on or in the plans. Can you give us an idea?

Ken: In Night Terror 2, I plan to offer a glimpse into the life of Chris Gray who is afflicted with the curse as a sleepwalker killer. While he is oblivious to his threat to society, a new type of trouble comes his way. I can’t wait to share this obstacle with readers. Urban Lore Hallows is an anthology of short stories dramatizing mysteries of the unknown, science fiction, and horror. My inspiration for this comes from the Twilight Zone and the Serpent’s Wrath is the first story of this collection. I hope your readers take us look at this FREE story on this site!

Ryan: What are you reading right now, or what are you watching. Give us a look into your free time?

Ken: I am drawn to old horror films. Most recently, I was blown away by the “Horror Express” available on Amazon Prime. It features Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee taking on a caveman like creature on a train tormenting passengers. It has exceptional performances and a good storyline. I also recommend John Carpenter’s Halloween 2 movie documentary available on YouTube. It is fascinating look at behind the scenes of this 1981 masterpiece sequel. The work behind the camera with all involved is intriguing. It serves as an inspiration to screenwriters and writers of the horror genre!