Q&A with Justin Fike

Join Ryan for another Q&A with this week’s featured fantasy author, Justin Fike. We talk writing habits, inspirations, and what we enjoys to do.

Q&A with Jamie Edmundson

Join Worldhoppers as we learn more about Jamie’s work routine, inspirations, and the business of self publishing. You’ll enjoy this Q&A!

Q&A with Ken Harris

Join Worldhoppers for another Q&A session, this time with featured author Ken Harris. We talk about his passions, inspirations, and what’s next for Ken.

Q&A with Jason Kilgore

Worldhoppers brings a brand new Q&A with featured author Jason Kilgore. We talk his newest novel, writing inspirations, and his quirks and rituals.

Q&A with S.L. Briden

Join us for a Q&A with featured author S.L. Briden. We talk characters, travels and sights throughout England, and believing in yourself. Enjoy!