Jason is a multi-genre writer in speculative fiction, including horror, paranormal humor, fantasy, and science fiction. By day he is also a scientist with a global biotech company, specializing in microscopy and cell biology. He lives in Oregon and loves hiking and camping in the mountain wilderness areas and the Pacific coast. He has two teenage children, a bunch of cats, and an insatiable craving for chocolate.

Jason runs a really interactive newsletter group and wants you to join. You can expect collaborative storytelling where members can take part, almost like a choose your own adventure story. Expect other interesting links to his writing.

Original Short Story

Jason shares with us Purgatory’s Price, an original short story about a man who dies and realizes he needs to play a game show in hopes of saving his soul. This humorous take on horror will keep you reading as the recently deceased participate for acceptance, or denial, to heaven. Purgatory’s Price is only a piece of Jason’s recently released horror short story anthology, appropriately named Around the Corner from Sanity – Tales of the Paranormal. Learn more about it below. 

Featured Novel

Around the Corner from Sanity

Tales of the Paranormal

Where does fear find you?

Eerie entities from beyond our waking world are hardly limited to decrepit mansions or forlorn cemeteries. These fourteen tales of the paranormal will usher you into unexpected settings such as the homes of young couples, a corporate office, a Christmas gathering, a yard that needs raking, and more – places you’d least expect to find ghosts, demons, angels, or exotic gods stalking the living.

Some tales will leave you laughing, such as “Purgatory’s Price,” in which recently deceased souls must play a game show to get into Heaven. Others conjure fear of the dark, like “Rabbit Cry,” in which a young mother and her child are pitted against a murderous teen next door, arousing the attention of supernatural forces.

Prepare yourself for a paranormal roller coaster that satisfies your cravings for both horror and humor by sending you around the corner from sanity.

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