Update from the Guild Leader

Greetings Worldhoppers!

I thought it was important to leave an update, keeping you all involved in our recent hiatus. All is well in Worldhoppers land but we expect to continue a period of no new featured authors as I work through the final edit of my own fantasy novel, Shadows of Creation, for a spring 2020 release. I guard my sanity closely and editing is the process drawn directly from the underworld.  

As you have noticed, we’ll continue to support our authors and guild members with their new releases and exciting updates. There are also some new mediums we are exploring as 2020 moves forward, hoping to continue bringing the best of the best to you all. 

We’re always here for questions, comments, and concerns – so feel free to reach out at any time! Thank you for your readership and keep diving head-first into those new worlds.


Ryan D Meier