Dear Authors and Publishers,

I formally invite you to join the Worldhoppers Guild.

Our mission is to help our readers discover new and exciting fantasy worlds. Worldhoppers Guild is a platform designed to attract readers and keep them engaged with constantly rotating free eBooks, and new & unique fantasy content. My hope is that you will share your talents of world building with our audiences.

Below you'll find the ways in which we can partner. If you are unsure if these services are for you but are interested in working with me, send me an email and we'll put our heads together.

Ryan D. Meier

Get your reader magnet in front of our readers!

Every month we offer our current and new subscribers a selection of free fantasy books in the form of your reader magnets. We are happy to connect you with our reader base with only a few requirements.

  1. A full story (preferably a full novel, novella, or long short story). We cannot accept samples.
  2. Giving it away through our service will not violate any terms of service agreements you may be in with your distributors. (example: the book is in Kindle Unlimited).
  3. It falls under the fantasy genre (no erotica).

Every time a new reader signs up for our newsletter, they are prompted to download the month’s free book offerings. Existing subscribers can find them in their monthly newsletter email and our pinned social media posts.

During the course of the month I’ll put a personalized facebook post together promoting your work as a thank you for donating your magnet.

Click the button below schedule your book. Look for availability on the first of every month. 

It is a first come, first serve basis without a waiting list (we schedule 4 months out). If you have any questions, please email me at:

*We reserve the right decline a promotion for any reason, including a book’s review history.    

Author Interviews, Opinion & Editorial Content Sharing

My favorite part of the indie community is how uniquely different we all are. I host a new blog, “Discover New Worlds” that will be the main content provider for Worldhoppers Guild (outside of our free books).

I’m always looking for content to share with our readers, new authors to talk to, and new worlds to visit – but strive to be different.

If you join me for an interview or feature, I’d like to go in with a topic or theme, an opinion or editorial piece on topics like speculative fiction, tropes, world building, your writing process, etc.

If you don’t know what to talk about, just schedule one and tell me so. I’ll come up with something.

I prefer Thursdays as my interview day, but am happy to accommodate you otherwise. Book the Thursday of the week you’d like and leave me a note in the submission form.

With other questions email me at:  

Promote your Kindle Free Book Giveaway to our entire newsletter list (psst. it's free).

Beginning in June 2021 we will be launching a daily free book newsletter to help authors drive their free book giveaways. This will launch as a free service, and feature only 1 book a day.

*I ask that each author only schedules one book every 30 days.