Month: November 2019

Striking Out

Featured author Jamie Edmundson shares the original short story Striking Out, a prequel to his first novel Toric’s Dagger: Book One of The Weapon Takers Saga.

Q&A with Ken Harris

Join Worldhoppers for another Q&A session, this time with featured author Ken Harris. We talk about his passions, inspirations, and what’s next for Ken.

The Serpent’s Wrath

Night Terror author Ken Harris brings another short story to Worldhoppers. Join three teens as they venture into a graveyard to face off with a demonic being so strong you’ll wonder how, or if, they’ll survive

Night Terror

Featured author Ken Harris lets us read the first three chapters of his thrilling novella, Night Terror. A hypnosis doctor takes his work one step too far by using his unique tool to have an unusual request completed.

Q&A with Jason Kilgore

Worldhoppers brings a brand new Q&A with featured author Jason Kilgore. We talk his newest novel, writing inspirations, and his quirks and rituals.


Author CM Angus joins Worldhoppers to share his original short story, Cheat Code. When the earth experiences a dangerous natural phenomenon, one man sees an important message.

Purgatory’s Price

Featured author Jason Kilgore shares his original short story, Purgatory’s Price. This comedic tale of horror follows the recently deceased as they play on a game show for future of their souls.

Q&A with S.L. Briden

Join us for a Q&A with featured author S.L. Briden. We talk characters, travels and sights throughout England, and believing in yourself. Enjoy!