“A native Floridian, Mitch Larkins attempts to translate his obsessions with comic books, and video games into his writings. WILD WORLDS: CRASH COURSE is his first major foray into writing a full series, with GOING ROGUE being the recently-released sequel. In between writing and working, he juggles his many hobbies while being the okayest dad ever.”

From the Shadows

An Original Short Story

You’re in charge of assigning every child in the world the monster under their bed. One child has caused every monster assigned to him/her to quit. You decide to assign yourself.

Featured Novels

Wild Worlds

World 1: Crash Course

Uriel is having a bad day.

Ambushed by pirates, the legendary Valiant finds herself wrecked and alone on a hostile planet.

Bairn is having a bad day.

Lost on some strange, backwater planet, this inexperienced adventurer finds himself at death’s door, surrounded by strange beasts and monsters.

Together, these two must join forces to survive on this unforgiving planet. Which means Uriel must take the inexperienced Bairn under her wing and try to level the fool up before he gets the two of them killed.

Can the two set aside their differences to overcome secrets of their pasts and new, overwhelming enemies to conquer the Wild Worlds?

Going Rogue

Wild Worlds: World 2

After barely surviving his encounter with pirates, Bairn hoped his trip to Lansart–the capital of the universe–would be one of easy level grinding and tourist traps.

However, the Brawler soon finds himself being dragged from a simple misadventure into a conspiracy by an annoying Deviant Rogue. Meanwhile, Uriel and her legendary guild–The Celestials–are on the hunt for a hidden Deviant army, and number one on their most wanted list: Bairn!

The Untold Tales of Exodia

It has been two hundred years since the most powerful sorcerer in history, the Suprememage, has tried to destroy the Council of Mages and take over the world. Now, a young woman mage becomes the only hope to stop war from coming to Exodia. But, with her allies constantly at each otheras throat, can they save Exodia before they kill each other?

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