Bob Gunner was born in Houston, Texas in 1955. As a writer of fiction/non-fiction and a small press publisher, he has written or edited and contributed to several published projects over the past ten years. He is a new media pro who has spent his whole career working for Houston-area print and online publications. These days he serves as CEO, Editor & Publisher for Fat Cat New Media Group ( in Houston, Texas, a full service web development and Public Relations company, who also publishes The Paper Magazine ( a daily on-line hyper-local community news magazine covering The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe & North Houston, Texas. You can visit his website at: or see all of his published works on his Amazon Author Page.

Worldhoppers Guild is very excited to feature Bob Gunner’s original short fiction, Double-Feature Midnight Movie. The spooky tale was written in 2003 and was originally published as one of the stories in the former Cyber-Pulp Press anthology “Halloween 2.0”.

Bob speaks about this story best: “As a child my mom would take my two younger sisters and I to a local theater for the horror double-features. Lots of Hammer and B-rated gems guaranteed to give any kid nightmares for weeks. I always wondered why very few people watched the films from the upstairs balcony during the night showings. Only one or two seemed brave enough to sit up there all alone. In my imagination, I felt it was probably because there might be something unmentionable that dwells up there in the darkness…”.

Other Works By Bob Gunner

Published in February of this year, Bob Gunner collects 19 short stories and a novella covering over 20 years of his published work. Inspired by his love of the short fiction created by other genre authors such as Rod Serling, Stephen King, Charles Beaumont, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson and Manly Wade Wellman, Gunner presents an explosive 288-page cornucopia of tales covering fairies, strange situations, ghosts, space aliens and assorted ‘monsters’.

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Labor Pool, Tales of Workplace Horror, is a connected collection of short fiction that takes you on a frightening journey of being forced by need to work temporary jobs to survive.

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Upcoming New Release - Available early 2020

“The Dark Has Teeth…” explores the boundaries between nature and science in a small Texas town located in The Big Thicket, where simple country folks and religious fanatics co-exist in harmony, until they are forced to face a common threat to their existence.
In the aftermath of a local homicide investigation, a small town Sheriff and his deputy find themselves in search of an unusual predator suspected to be a serial killer.   As more victims are discovered, and tales of a conspiracy theory become exposed, a group of town residents form an alliance to stop the killing spree.
Pre-orders available through Amazon soon.

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